Partida Romilor
Partida le Romenge
Leader Nicolae Păun
Senate Leader not represented
Chamber Leader Nicolae Păun
Founded 1990
Political Ideology Romani rights
Social democracy
International Affiliation none
European Affiliation none
European Parliament Group not represented
Colours Black
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2004 elections

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The Party of the Roma (Romanian: Partida Romilor, Romani: Partida le Romenge), formerly known as Social Democratic Roma Party (Partida Romilor Social-Democrată), is a political party in Romania representing the Romani minority. Its leader is Nicolae Păun, and it currently has one reserved seat in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies.

Parliamentary representationEdit

Founded in 1990, after the Romanian Revolution, the Party of the Roma is the official political association of the Romani minority and consequently has one reserved seat in the Chamber of Deputies, regardless of its electoral performance. The party has contested every election since the 1992 suffrage, but has never passed the 5% threshold required for it to gain extra seats. At the 2000 and 2004 national elections, the Party of the Roma signed a protocol of reciprocal electoral support with the Social Democratic Party.[1]

The reserved seat has been held by Gheorghe Răducanu in 1992-1996, by Mădălin Voicu in 1996-2000, and by Nicolae Păun in 2000-2004 and since 2004. Party representatives have been elected at local level.


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